29 August 2006

Music and Pictures

We had a great time at Bill's Bar, and we thank Sooz for taking a few pictures of us, including the one above. Catch those on flickr.

Also, Sooz does the Boston rock scene a great service by running Exploit Boston, a local music blog, and Exploit Boston Radio, an online radio station of local Boston rock. Be sure to check 'em out, she plays some great music!

10 August 2006

Snakes on a Plane, AND bands in a bar!

Before I begin apologizing for the lack of updates, like 99% of all bloggers out there, let me state this:

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution. Snakes on a Plane is opening on August 18th. We also happen to be playing that night as well. So go see the movie early, then stop on by and yell at us about how awesome it is.

13 March 2006

A.P. at A.L.

Make friends with Anushka Pop on March 16 at the Abbey! 9pm, 21+.

25 February 2006

We Surrender!

P.A.'s Lounge in Union Sq., Somerville will host a Jonathan Richman Tribute on March 10, 2006. The show will be setup on two stages, electrical acts on one end and acoustical acts on the other, each having a turn. It will be kinda like watching a tennis match. The set times here are aproximate:

Shrinking Islands
The Hyphens
Shana's Mango (acoustic set 1)
Shana's Mango (acoustic set 2)

Specific Heats
Tony the Bookie (acoustic set 1)
The Rabbit Family Girls' Choir
Tony the Bookie (acoustic set 2)
B for Brontosaurus

John O'Hara (acoustic set 1)
John O'Hara (acoustic set 2)
Double Stops

Doors are at 8:30pm, 21+, $8. All proceeds will benefit the Somerville Arts Council.

16 February 2006

This week in the Phoenix: us

Well well well, we're featured in the Phoenix's "Cellars By Starlight" this week.

You can pick a copy of the paper anywhere around the city, but if you prefer interweb reading, just click yo ass over here.

The article says that we're all married, which might be news to John. Heh.

10 February 2006

Interview at Bostonist

So we were interviewed by the folks (rather, just one folk) from Bostonist.com this week. Feel free to, you know, read it.

I remembered us making more sense at the time, but there you go. I need some better lies about the band name, and I have to learn to stick with them. Suggestions welcome.

31 January 2006

WFNX New England Product

Hey, whaddaya know? Everyone's favorite power pop husksters will be performing on February 10, 2006 at Bill's Bar on Lansdowne St, Boston. This is part of WFNX's New England Product series. You can catch us with Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women and the Lincoln Conspiracy. I'm pretty sure we're going on first, not sure of the rest of the order, though.

Inaugural post...better late than never.

Hey everyone. Welcome to the first entry on Anushka Pop's weblog. 2006 may prove to be a busy year for the Anushkas so what better way to document it than..blah, blah, blah. We'll see how this goes...

First off, we have recently released our second e.p., Akathena, on our own Sassy Boy label. We recorded it last year at Moontower Studios in Cambridge, MA. with Mike Quinn working the board. We had such a great time there we hope to go back in the spring.